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About Us

Tiger Blue is a rock band based out of Cape Coral and Ft. Myers, Florida. Our members are Jonathen Sharp on lead vocals, keyboard and guitar, Jerry Ledebur on bass guitar and vocals, Dan King on lead guitar and vocals, and Tony Diecidue on drums and vocals. We are a band with a unique personality, talent and energy. We play a variety of songs from artists like the Eagles, Duran Duran, Elvis and Men at Work.

We pride ourselves on delivering an unforgettable performance and strive to make our fans feel like a part of the show. Come join us for an amazing night of music and fun!

Jonathen Sharp
Lead Vocals/Guitar/Keyboard

Jerry Ledebur
Bass Guitar/Vocals

Dan King
Lead Guitar/Vocals

Tony Diecidue

"Feel the roar of the beat with Tiger Blue - the music that invigorates your soul!"

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